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Health in All Policies: Lessons Learned from California
Thursday, September 6, 2012 | 11:00 AM to Noon Pacific

The environments in which people live, work, study, and play impact health in significant and lasting ways. Policy and program decisions made by "non-health" government agencies play a significant role in shaping community environments. Health in All Policies is a collaborative approach to improve health by incorporating health considerations into decision making across all policy areas.

California's Health in All Policies Task Force is the first state-level, United States effort to institutionalize this approach. Established in 2010, the Task Force has identified and is implementing a set of recommendations that engage state agencies in collaborative efforts to achieve healthier and more sustainable communities. Recommendations relate to community qualities such as healthy food, transportation, community safety, housing and indoor spaces, and urban greening and places to be active. The Task Force also has recommendations related to embedding health considerations in government structures and the policy-making process.

Co-sponsored by the American Public Health Association and The California Endowment, this 60-minute Web Forum will provide an overview of the Health in All Policies approach and how this approach can help communities achieve public health and other important priorities. The Web Forum will provide an introduction to the work of California's Health in All Policies Task Force, including its history and accomplishments, and a discussion of the lessons learned from this innovative approach.






    Linda Rudolph, MD, MPH
    Rudolph & Associates

    Dr. Linda RudolphDr. Linda Rudolph is an independent consultant who works on Health in All Policies, Climate Change and Health, and Healthy Communities. She previously served as Deputy Director, California Department of Public Health, Center for Chronic Disease Prevention and Health Promotion; in that role, she served as the founding chair of the California Health in All Policies Task Force and the California Climate Action Team Public Health Work Group.

    Dr. Rudolph has also worked as the Health Officer and Director of Public Health for the City of Berkeley, and the Chief Medical Officer for Medi-Cal Managed Care. Dr. Rudolph received her MD from the University of California, San Francisco, and an MPH from UC Berkeley. She sees climate change as the most significant public health challenge of the 21st century.


    Julia Caplan, MPP, MPH
    Public Health Institute
    California Department of Public Health

    Julia Caplan, MPP, MPHJulia Caplan is the project lead for the Health in All Policies Task Force, a collaboration between the Public Health Institute, the California Department of Public Health, and the California Strategic Growth Council.

    Ms. Caplan has twenty years’ experience in community building, social change, management, and public policy leadership. She has worked to support youth leadership, reproductive rights, economic security for seniors, and protections for consumers of financial products. Ms. Caplan was a fellow in the Women’s Policy Institute in 2009-2010, and holds masters’ degrees in public policy and public health from the University of California, Berkeley. (http://sgc.ca.gov/hiap/)


The following documents are PDF versions of the speakers’ presentations and are intended to be used for reference only.

Rudolph and Caplan/L. Rudolph & Associates and Public Health Institute



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