Web Forum

An Interactive Exploration of Social Media
Wednesday, November 28, 2012 | 10:30 AM to 12:00 PM Pacific

Please join us for a dynamic introduction to the landscape of social media through an online, real-time exploration of popular social networks. You’ll gain a better understanding of this noisy and crowded terrain, learn the differences among and relevance of various social media, and get advice about how (or if) to get social, all in the context of public health.

This Web Forum will:

  • Define social media, give a brief history and provide statistics on use, growth and demographics
  • View online current and popular social networks and tools, including Facebook, Twitter, Google+, blogs, YouTube, text messaging and online communities
  • Discuss PHI’s emerging social media strategy, and how programs can connect with and support each other via social media channels
  • Identify the audience segments within each outlet and present guidelines on how to do determine which, if any, are appropriate to engage for your program or intervention
  • Provide quick-start tips and explain what it takes to launch and maintain a successful social media presence
  • Present social media monitoring tools and examine how to mine social media for information about a topic area or your target audience
  • Examine metrics, evaluation techniques and how to measure success
  • Provide some examples of how social media tools are being implemented in a broad range of topic areas, including public health
  • Include an open discussion and time for Q&A






    Iana Simeonov
    mHealth Program Manager
    Public Health Institute PI/PD
    UCSF School of Medicine
    San Francisco, CA

    Iana SimeonovIana Simeonov is responsible for insights and innovation in mobile and wireless technology for medical research and practice at the UCSF School of Medicine and a Principal Investigator at the Public Health Institute. Her focus is on technology in public health, particularly for underserved audiences and non-English-speaking audiences. Other areas of expertise include consumer research, social marketing, branding, and using mobile and social channels. Ms. Simeonov has developed and launched SMS campaigns, online games, apps and produced digital and mobile tools for public health programs and projects nationwide. (https://twitter.com/Iana_Simeonov)


    Ann Whidden, MPHAnn Whidden, MPH
    Senior Communications Manager
    Public Health Institute
    Oakland, CA

    Ann Whidden is Senior Communications Manager at the Public Health Institute, where she leads communications strategy, messaging and framing development and media outreach efforts. She has twenty years’ experience as a health and communications professional, working with progressive corporate and non-profit clients to create compelling strategies that amplify best practices, capture media attention, and inspire action. (www.phi.org)


The following documents are PDF versions of the speakers’ presentations and are intended to be used for reference only.

Simeonov/PHI Principal Investigator



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