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Instant Recess: Building a Fit Nation 10 Minutes at a Time
Thursday, October 28, 2010 | 11:00 AM to 12:30 PM Pacific

Join us for a discussion of Instant Recess: Building a Fit Nation 10 Minutes at a Time written by Dr. Toni (Antronette) Yancey. Dr. Yancey's book is a call to action for the nation to incorporate brief and enjoyable physical activity breaks into any organization's operations and daily routine. This lively and inspiring book blends scientific evidence with Dr. Yancey's experience as a clinician and her poetry. The result is a paradigm for physical fitness and public health that acknowledges diversity and the culture of at-risk populations.

Leading public health professionals and advocates, including Marion Nestle author of Food Politics, former Surgeon General Dr. David Satcher, and Senator Tom Harkin, praise Instant Recess as a groundbreaking approach to preventing chronic disease and promoting fitness across all racial and socioeconomic lines.






    Toni Yancey, MD, MPH
    Professor of Health Services
    School of Public Health
    University of California, Los Angeles
    Co-Director, UCLA Kaiser Permanente Center for Health Equity

    Toni Yancey, MD, MPHDr. Toni Yancey serves on the Institute of Medicine (IOM) Standing Committee on Childhood Obesity Prevention, the National Physical Activity Plan Coordinating Committee, the California Department of Public Health Advisory Committee, and the Boards of Directors of the Public Health Institute, Action for Healthy Kids, and the Partnership for a Healthier America, the non-profit supporting First Lady Michelle Obama's Let's Move campaign to end the childhood obesity epidemic. Her second book, Instant Recess: Building a Fit Nation -- 10 Minutes at a Time (University of California Press, Berkeley, CA), will be released in October 2010. (www.ph.ucla.edu, healthequity.ucla.edu, www.toniyancey.com)

    Melicia Whitt-Glover, PhD
    President & CEO
    Gramercy Research Group
    Winston-Salem, NC

    Dr. Whitt-Glover is President & CEO of Gramercy Research Group in Winston Salem, NC. Gramercy Research Group’s mission is to positively impact and improve the lives of individuals and communities by addressing health and related issues. Dr. Whitt-Glover is currently involved in research studies designed to identify effective strategies to increase weight loss and weight gain prevention among African Americans, and to promote adherence to national recommendations for diet and physical activity. Her current research studies are being conducted among elementary and high school children in public schools and among adults in churches in Winston Salem, NC. Dr. Whitt-Glover received her BA (Exercise Physiology, 1993) and MA (Exercise Physiology, 1996) from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. She received her Ph.D. (Epidemiology, 1999) from the University of South Carolina. Dr. Whitt-Glover completed a postdoctoral fellowship at the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine (2000 – 2002) and has served on the faculty at the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine (2002 – 2003) and Wake Forest University School of Medicine (2003 – 2009). (www.gramercyresearch.com)

    Michele Tingling-Clemmons
    Bureau Chief, Nutrition and Physical Fitness Programs
    Community Health Administration
    DC Department of Health

    Michele Tingling-ClemmonsAs Bureau Chief of Nutrition and Physical Fitness for the DC Department of Health Community Health Administration, Michele Tingling-Clemmons oversees several federal nutrition programs, including WIC, the Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants and Children; CSFP, the Commodity Supplemental Food Program; SNAP-ED, the Special Nutrition Assistance Program Education; and both the WIC Farmers’ Market and Senior Farmers’ Programs. She coordinates the department’s obesity activity under the CDC Communities Putting Prevention to Work grant, and several other related grant programs.

    Prior to joining the Department of Health as Bureau Chief, Ms. Tingling-Clemmons was the administrator of Advisory Neighborhood Commission 7D, the Interim Executive Director of AFFIRM (Alliance For Fairness in Reforms to Medicaid), and organized an International Women’s Day forum and march in DC in 2003. (www.dchealth.dc.gov/doh/site/default.asp)

    Joni Eisenberg, MPH
    Host, WPFW
    Pacifica Radio 89.3 FM
    Washington, D.C.

    Ms. Eisenberg has a thirty-year background in public health education and advocacy, with an emphasis on community empowerment, elimination of racial and ethnic health disparities, health care access, and wellness. Ms. Eisenberg has been the producer-host of a weekly radio program airing on WPFW Pacifica Radio 89.3FM since 1992 in Washington DC, and has a substantial background in media and public health. She is currently the Principal Investigator for WPFW’s grant with UCLA’s Center to Eliminate Health Disparities featuring ten-minutes of physical activity on the airwaves (Instant Recess, Let’s Move DC).

    Ms. Eisenberg is originally from New York City, received her Masters Degree in Public Health from the University of Pittsburgh, and has been involved with numerous community-based organizations, planned dozens of public health conferences and many more community wellness events. She is the recipient of many awards, including the 2001 Metropolitan Washington Public Health Association Award for Individual Achievement in Public Health in recognition of Advocacy and Efforts to Motivate the Washington DC Community to Improved Individual Health and Reform the Health Care System.”

    Ms Eisenberg has been a Public Health Analyst with District of Columbia Department of Health, Community Health Administration since 1993, currently working within the Child and Adolescent School Health Bureau. Since 2007, Ms. Eisenberg has been assisting in the coordination of the Department’s obesity prevention and reduction activities, where she has been responsible for convening the District’s Obesity Work Group, and activities related to the coordination of the District’s Obesity State Plan. Ms. Eisenberg piloted several community-based initiatives with DOH, including a Robert Wood Johnson funded project (Listening4yourHealth Movement Clubs) linking physical activity in the community with the radio. (www.wpfw.org)


The following documents are PDF versions of the speakers’ presentations and are intended to be used for reference only.

Yancey/UCLA Kaiser Permanente Center for Health Equity

Whitt-Glover/Gramercy Research Group


Yancey/Instant Recess Building a Fit Nation 10 Minutes at a Time

Yancey/Instant Recess
Building a Fit Nation 10 Minutes at a Time


For those who wish to view the Instant Recess DVDs on YouTube or listen to audio CDs, click the links below.