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Parallel Paths: Carbon Footprints and Public Health —
How Taking on Climate Change Will Improve the Fight Against Chronic Disease

Wednesday, October 15, 2008 - Noon – 1:30 PM Pacific Daylight Time

Chronic disease rates are increasing in epidemic proportions at the same time as the environment is also experiencing significant quality decline.  America’s love affair with automobiles, fast food and other modern conveniences are taking a toll on our health while our carbon footprint grows bigger along with our waistlines.  A panel of experts will examine some of the health issues and implications of urban sprawl and increasing pollution and will also consider some of the policy opportunities that new legislation and new coalitions offer.

Listeners will be able to participate by posing questions for the guest speakers and post their reactions and policy ideas via a live blog and instant messaging. The forum's interactive and participatory approach is the catalyst for an unprecedented process.  Your participation will help to build knowledge and share solutions based on your experience.  We hope that by offering the opportunity to incorporate the perspectives, experiences, and insights of all participants we will tap into the vast pools of knowledge where optimal solutions reside. 


    The distinguished panel of government, community and academic activists includes:

  • Linda Rudolph, MD, MPH

    Deputy Director, California Department of Public Health Center for Disease Prevention and Health Promotion

    Rick Cole

    City Manager, Ventura

    David Lighthall, PhD

    Senior Scientist, Central Valley Health Policy Institute, CSU-Fresno

    Alexandra Destler


    Matthew Marsom


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The following documents provide important background information that can enhance the Web Forum experience.

Global Warming Basics

Leading Organizations

California & Climate Change

Transportation & Climate Change (US)

Rick Cole: AB 32 Goals Achievable Through Smart Growth, Regional Collaboration

SB 375 Steinberg Transportation and land use planning and the California 
Environmental Quality Act (CEQA)

AB 32  Nunez  Air pollution: greenhouse gases: California Global Warming
Solutions Act of 2006

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