Joint Center Place Matters

Webinar #3

Communicating About PLACE MATTERS (Part 1):
Developing Your Message
Wednesday, September 9, 2009 1:30 pm 2:30 pm EDT

Joint Center for Political and Economic Studies/Joint Center Place Matters

Over the past few years, PLACE MATTERS teams have learned about the impact of social determinants of health on society, and that these determinants must be addressed in order to reduce/eliminate their negative effects. The success of this effort requires the backing of stakeholders in the community.  Consequently, PLACE MATTERS teams should know how to convey successfully the purpose and goals of the Place Matters Initiative. Toward this end, teams must develop effective communications skills and strategies that will promote and sustain the Initiative on local and national levels.

Webinar #3 will assist PLACE MATTERS teams with the first part of this process – creating the message. We ask that team members to coordinate with each other to develop (or refine) their team’s talking points, and submit them to the presenter prior to the Webinar. Samples of selected teams’ talking points will be reviewed during the Webinar, where the presenter will offer tips on the development process, as well as how to streamline the information for different audiences. The Webinar also serves as preparation for the teams to participate in Part 2 of Communicating About PLACE MATTERS that will take place during Design Lab 11.

At the end of this seminar, attendees will be able to:


Nehanda Lindsey, MS, MIB
Senior Program Manager,
CommonHealth ACTION



    Ruby Haughton-Pitts
    R. Haughton-Pitts Communications

    Brian Smedley, PhDRuby has over 20 years of diverse experience in public affairs, public relations, intercultural communications, marketing and advocacy. Through her background in health/health care, social justice, and the financial services industry, she has acquired the skills, insight and passion to deliver results that strengthen communities and individuals. In 2006 she started the firm, R. Haughton-Pitts Communications where she provides clients with communications and public affairs services.

    Over the course of her career, she has served as a political strategist developing successful policy and system change efforts; built broad-based coalitions; and managed complex internal and external communication programs. She has also worked on a variety of social marketing and fundraising campaigns, and has lobbied in the 11 western states and our Nation’s Capitol.

    An advocate of health care access for low-income Americans, Ruby was appointed to the National Institutes of Health Advisory Council during the Clinton administration, served on a city-wide Youth Gang Task Force, and was instrumental in reframing the messages about African American males and gang activity. Her current board service includes AARP Illinois and the National AARP Long Term Care Committee where she provides public affairs expertise. In 2008, she was appointed to the State of Illinois Health Information Exchange Advisory Committee and she services on the board of OCHIN, a non-profit, west coast based, health information technology organization. 


Communicating About
Developing Your Message


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