Joint Center Place Matters

Webinar #4

Leadership + Partnership + Implementation = Community Engagement
Wednesday, October 28, 2009, 1:30 pm 2:00 pm EDT

Joint Center for Political and Economic Studies/Joint Center Place Matters

As the work of each PLACE MATTERS team moves forward, it is critical for members to expand their team’s spheres of influence and bring stakeholders from different sectors on board. This process will require teams to develop community and organizational leadership, effective partnership infrastructures, as well as implementation plans that support collaborative action targeting the social determinants of health.

During the team meetings at DL11, von Nkosi introduced a coalition building strategy he implemented in Atlanta and New Orleans, via what he calls a "Talent Matrix" (see link below). There are some 41 sectors/areas of expertise in this Talent Matrix ranging from Academic Research to Zoning. The overarching goal of Webinar # 4 is to assist the PLACE MATTERS teams to develop their own strategies to establish a climate of multi-sector collaboration in order to advance health equity in their communities.

In preparation for the Webinar, each Place Maters team should identify potential partners and champions for the initiative, beyond the health/healthcare sector, and submit this information to the presenter prior to the Webinar (see instructions below). Samples of sectors that might be useful in advancing the work of the team, as well as a sample "outreach letter" are included in links below for reference. These documents may be used as templates to solicit input from the community, and to organize a list of potential partners and champions for each team. During the Webinar, von will offer tips on the outreach and partnership process, as well as how to implement an effective long-term strategy for moving the team’s agenda. 

At the end of this Webinar, attendees will have the knowledge, information, and resources to help them to:

For more information, please contact Nehanda Lindsey, CommonHealth ACTION at or 888.468.7781.


Nehanda Lindsey, MS, MIB
Senior Program Manager,
CommonHealth ACTION






    Mizell v. Nkosi, NCARB, AIA
    The MXD Collaborative, Inc.

    Brian Smedley, PhDM. von Nkosi has been working in the field of community development and redevelopment since the early-1990’s. Nkosi’s experience in and knowledge of urban design, Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED), architecture, multimedia and academic research has helped move smart growth strategies forward in the metro Atlanta region. Some projects have included implementation planning for the MLK Jr. Historic District for the Historic District Development Corporation (HDDC) and assisting ANDP, the former Corporation for Olympic Development of Atlanta (CODA) and the City of Atlanta’s Department of Housing to identify the gaps in neighborhood development projects prior to the 1996 Olympic Games. In 2007 he became a loaned executive to City of New Orleans.

    As a result of his more than 18 years of experience, von is a respected and popular lecturer on topics of urban safety, urban design, and housing. Nkosi serves on the board of SouthFace Energy Institute since January 2006, the Community Design Center of Atlanta since May 2006 and the YMCA Villages at Carver (Hope VI site) as of January 2007.

    Team Participants

    Alexandra Desautels, Alameda County
    G. Maria Carlos, Martin Luther King, Jr. County


The following documents are PDF versions of the speakers’ presentations and are intended to be used for reference only.


Webinar #4 Slides:
Leadership + Partnership + Implementation =


Mizell von Nkosi
Documents that portray data in a way that the public will readily understand


Making the Case 2004/2005

Making the Case 2007

Alameda County

Martin Luther King, Jr. County


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