Our Philosophy

Improving America’s health requires collaboration from every sector of our nation.

What We Do

Dialogue4Health, a project of the Public Health Institute, does this by mingling the expertise of public health professionals with the perspectives of business, government and other community interests. Dialogue4Health’s web-centered philosophy creates a unique space for professionals to build a foundation for understanding essential concepts in public health and work towards crafting policies, systems and environments to reduce chronic disease in America. Via a web-based platform for interaction and discussion, D4H provides a place for professionals to tackle provocative subjects from a multi-sectoral perspective.  

Dialogue4Health uses the internet as the primary modality for our work. Through its interactive website, Dialogue4Health provides a unique forum for developing relationships, ideas, and expanding the virtual network of those working to improve health. With the wisdom drawn from diverse experiences and knowledge, Dialogue4Health plays a pivotal role in developing innovative strategies to fundamentally improve the nation’s health.

How We Do It

Open to the Public:
Dialogue4Health Web Forums

D4H conducts regular Web Forums that invite multiple sectors together in conversation on topics that matter to health in its broadest sense. In most, audience participated is invited and welcomed. Some key features of the D4H Web Forum experience:

Dialogue4Health Community - Social Network

D4H maintains a social network open to all those interesting in connecting and sharing values, visions and ideas about strategies that can broadly improve health. Our network tools are free of charge and support:

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We welcome your input on Web Forum topics and feedback on our site. Please become a member of the Dialogue4Health social network to let us know about your ideas.